Reginald Fallah-Turay

Reginald Fallah-Turay (Reggie) is an ITSM/ITIL professional with over nine years of impressive success in various disciplines ranging from Human Services, Financial Services, Business Management and Higher Education. He is a Freelance Consultant for local Entrepreneurship and Social Media Manager who helps businesses, professionals and Fin-tech startups running company-wide operational functions and leading teams, from starting point to successful completion, while making/executing sound strategic decisions.

With a unique educational background experience, Reggie uses his undergrad degree in Computer Engineering Technology and his MBA in Entrepreneurship Management to utilize strong successful managerial experience. He is a high energy, confident professional with an infectious enthusiasm for his work load. After a successful career helping small corporate organizations and private, Reggie now co-owns an Engineering company geared towards a more valued way where customers are earned rather than bought.

Reggie enjoys travelling and connecting people and managing a small businesses. He is a great access to Straight From The Heart International INC where he has accepted to be in the team.