Regina’s Recycling Crafts is to promote environmental sustainability and build a culture of innovation.

During the stay at home order due to the Coronavirus or COVID19 crisis,
the Straight From The Heart International Inc, COO Regina Fallah-Hausman
will be conducting free zoom Recycling Arts Classes and a reading group
for all families here and abroad with varying abilities.


What we do:

Our program educates and empowers children, families and communities through education and artistic expressions. This innovative approach not only creates environmental awareness but also helps in finding a good use for unwanted home and community wastes, thereby helping them become avid advocates of preserving their environment, community and the world as a whole.

How we do it:

Regina’s Recycling Crafts endeavors to reuse and recycle wastes as a resource generated from our community, thereby restoring, protecting and enhancing environmental quality. Our proactive approach and developing ways of stretching natural resources through the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ ethos is by ensuring our successful survival for our future generations.

Why We Are Selling:

Raising funds to support children with autism and other intellectual disabilities to travel from Africa to USA for evaluation and ABA intervention.



We empower all persons; abled and disabled
to be change agents